Christmas Party Nights, Festive Lunches and More ….

Find out why we get repeat bookings year on year……

Christmas Lunches, Evening Meals & Christmas Party Nights, Boxing Day Lunch and New Year’s Eve…

Beautiful decorations, delicious food, attentive staff & reasonable prices.

Ample secure off-road parking and level access

Over twenty years’ experience hosting cracking Christmas festivities!
(But we are closed on Christmas Day so our staff can spend it with their families.)


Christmas Parties at Fynn Valley

Christmas Parties at Fynn Valley









Christmas Lunches

Two courses £16
Three courses £19

Ample off road parking (with disabled spaces and level access to building)
Groups welcome. Available every day in December.
Booking essential



Saturday 3rd December
Thursday 15th December
Saturday 17th December
Sunday 18th December
Monday 19th December
Tuesday 20th December
Wednesday 21st December
Thursday 22nd December
Friday 23rd December

£32.50 per person

Includes secure off road parking, crackers, delicious three course meal and dancing to our excellent resident disco until late… Bring your party to our party! Dress code – Party Attire


Boxing Day Lunch

A delicious three course meal with no washing up! £21.95 per person, children welcome, under 12s £10.


New Year’s Eve

A glass of mulled wine and canapes on arrival, followed by a four course meal and dancing into the new year… £59.95 per person.


Full details on all the above may be found here.

Please call 01473 785202 option 2 to book or email us: restaurant@

Fynn Valley Golf Club, Witnesham, Ipswich, Suffolk. IP6 9JA.

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New Clubhouse and Facilities for Fynn Valley

Artists impression of the new clubhouse at Fynn Valley Golf Club

Artists impression of the new clubhouse at Fynn Valley Golf Club


Following a successful planning application in the year the club celebrates its 25th Anniversary, Fynn Valley Golf Club are delighted to announce the construction of a modern clubhouse building much more suited to the needs of a modern sports club.

The objective is to take Fynn Valley Golf Club forward into the 21st century by providing modern state of the art facilities for members and visitors, complimenting the now well established wooded and beautifully manicured parkland course that has been created.

Read more here

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Give Golf a Go!

Give Golf a Go!

for National Golf Month


Give Golf a Go at Fynn Valley

Give Golf a Go at Fynn Valley!


As part of National Golf Month you are invited to “Give Golf a Go!” at Fynn Valley Golf Range

Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2016

11am to 3pm

Baskets of balls for the golf range
Play round the nine hole course
Have a go on the putting green
Tri-Golf and fun games for kids of all ages!
Club hire included

Try Foot Golf too!
No need to have played before, no dress code, no need to book in advance and above all, no pressure!

Adults £1 Children Free

Bar, meals & refreshments available (additional cost) 01473 785267

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Why Play Golf….?

Golf is a sport with many health and wellbeing benefits….

Give Golf a Go

Keeps you active
You will use more energy than you might think: playing 18-holes will burn at least 900 calories, take more than 10,000 steps through walking 4-5 miles and achieve the 150 minutesof exercise a week recommend by the NHS. Golf also offers all the known weight-loss benefits of walking combined with the toning and muscle strengthening that keeps your waistline in check and weight under control.

Connects you with others
With plenty of time for conversation and fun, golf is a great way to meet new people and to spend quality time with friends or family. Friendships are likely to flourish, thanks to the ready-made social life at the clubhouse afterwards. Golf has a unique ability to create networks that will enhance life with friendship and support.It also gives the vital ‘me time’ that is needed to stay happy and healthy.

Reduces stress levels
Outdoor exercise in a green space can help reduce stress levels, enhance mood and even improve your self-esteem. It’sfar easier to stick with outdoor exercise, like golf, because it’s more appealing and fun than an indoor workout. The combination of moderate exercise and swinging your clubs will get your blood pumping and trigger the release of natural mood-enhancing chemicals called endorphins that help you feel happier, reduce stress and help you sleep better.

Learn something new
Learning something new can help you gain a sense of achievement, purpose and confidence and can positively effect wellbeing. Golf helps people set targets and achieve them, which can create positive feelings of accomplishment. Learning throughout life is associated with greater satisfaction and optimism that helps to get the most from life.

Improve work-life balance
Juggling work and home life can be tough. However, if you want to stay happy, healthy and well, it’s important to take time out to do something you enjoy. Golf offers you ‘me time’ that helps recharge your batteries. It is also a great antidote for workers who spend long sedentary hours sitting at a desk. Getting out in the fresh air really can do you the world of good – from feeling happier to helping you sleep better.

Helps you live longer, healthier life
Golf’s unique combination of outdoor exercise and social interaction can help you live a longer, healthier life. Indeed, playing golf can increase your life expectancy by up to five years, according to a study from the Karolinska Institute, in Sweden. Regular walking, such as the four hours it typically takes to play a round of golf, can also help ward off dementia, help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Leads to a good night’s sleep

Exercise is known to aid sleep but now scientists have discovered that some types of exercise are better than others.

Golf, along with yoga, gardening and running, proved the best forms of exercise for encouraging good quality sleep.

The sleep-inducing power of golf comes from being what scientists term a ‘purposeful’ activity – where you have a specific goal while you work out.  People who exercise like this are more likely to get sufficient sleep than those who simply walk.

Exercising outdoors in the peaceful, green scenery of the golf-course can also make you feel calm and relaxed so you are likely to sleep more soundly.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania recently assessed the sleep habits of almost half a million adults, asking how long they slept and what exercise they did.

Golf tops the list of the best types of exercise while housework and childcare have the opposite effect – and may even be detrimental to good sleep.

NHS Choices says most of us need around eight hours of good-quality sleep to feel and perform at our best. Sleeping well reduces your risk of depression and anxiety and may even help reduce your risk of diseases like obesity and diabetes.

“It’s now clear that a solid night’s sleep is essential for a long and healthy life,” says the Government health information website.

Lead researcher psychologist Dr Michael Grandner says sleep is crucial for good health and wellbeing. “Sleep is an important part of overall health,” he explains.

Keeps your heart healthy and lowers risk of diabetes

Being active can help keep your heart healthy and golf is a great way to build physical activity into your life without getting hot and sweaty. It’s easy, fun and sociable and it’s good for your heart. It can also improve the way you look and feel.

The British Heart Foundation estimates that there are seven million people in the UK living with cardiovascular disease which is responsible for nearly 70,000 deaths each year.

Getting active with golf will keep you moving which can help prevent and manage a variety of conditions including coronary heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes. Golf will have a real impact on your health and wellbeing from the minute you start but it will also help protect you in the future too.

Get out on the course….The benefit of the great outdoors

The benefits of regular exercise are well known but fewer people realise that getting outdoors can be even better for your health.

It’s also more likely to make exercise an enjoyable and lifelong habit.

Here’s how…

 a) Feel great
Golf really does tick all the boxes for things you need for optimal wellbeing,” says psychologist and coach Miriam Akhtar from “Being outside in nature is good for your mental health and combining that with the exercise you get from playing the sport – and the social element of golf – boosts your brain’s natural feel good chemicals,” says Miriam.

b) Keep active
You may walk around five miles and more than the daily recommended 10,000 steps when playing a game of golf. Playing regularly will help you easily achieve the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. Treading the grassy terrain of the golf course burns more calories than a straightforward walk on concrete pavements.

A study from Ohio State University found that people find it far easier to stick with outdoor exercise, like golf, because it’s more appealing and fun than an indoor workout.

c) Balance your lifestyle
When you have been stuck indoors all day, what better way to lift your mood and bring some healthy balance into your life than playing a sport among some of the country’s most beautiful green spaces?  From tree-lined courses with lush grass, birdsong and wild flowers to links-courses with breath-taking views of the coastline, you’ll find yourself deep in the heart of nature when you play golf.

d) Boosts Vitamin D levels
Vitamin D maintains strong bones and muscle function and keeps your immune system healthy. Heading outside is a great way to keep your vitamin D levels topped through exposure to natural daylight. Nicknamed the ‘sunshine vitamin’ this can help keep your bones strong by helping your body absorb calcium better.

e) Helps prevent Osteoporosis
Playing golf with its brisk walking and swinging action can help build strong bones and help guard against osteoporosis, a condition that makes bones more fragile and more likely to break” Niki Gonty, nurse advisor for the National Osteoporosis Society.

Being outdoors between May and September will also help you boost up your vitamin D levels for healthy bones.

Golf Beats the Winter Blues

There’s no better treatment for the condition than a game of golf or a session at the driving range on a winter day, so wrap up warm and give it a go.

Golf is the perfect tonic for combatting Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, commonly referred to as winter blues. Triggered by lack of daylight exposure, this condition affects up to one in 20 people in the UK with women three times more likely to suffer than men.

a) Fresh air and natural light.
Playing golf gets you outdoors in the fresh air for several hours at a time allowing you to get as much fresh air and natural light as possible which can help ease symptoms.

b) Spending time in nature can boost optimism and self-control.
A new study from the University of Amsterdam, reported in the Daily Mail reveals that spending time in nature helps us slow down and consider our future more positively. Urban environments can trigger us to make unhealthy, impulsive decisions – such as overeating or avoiding exercise.

c) Exercise that boosts mood-enhancing chemicals in your brain.
Golf is a great way to take regular, moderate exercise or physical activity. The combination of walking and swinging your clubs gets you moving safely while boosting your brain’s natural feel good chemicals Spending time walking in the pleasant, green surroundings of a golf course can lift your mood and combat stress

d) It keeps you healthy.
According to NHS Choices research from the University of Essex shows that exercising outdoors boosts your physical and mental health more than going to indoor gyms – and burns up to 20 per cent more calories because your body needs extra energy to stay warm.

e) Friendship lifts your mood.
Golf nurtures friendship and social ties which can help you feel better. There’s no better sport for bringing people together. With plenty of time for conversation and fun – golf is the perfect way to make new friends and grow closer bonds with people you already know.

f) Aims and aspirations.
Feeling aimless can make you feel even lower during the winter months. Golf is a great way to set yourself small, healthy and positive targets that will keep you going through the winter and lift your mood. Deciding you will complete a round twice a month, improve your swing or commit to meeting up with a friend to play and have lunch once a fortnight will give you something to aim for and make you feel happier.

Need we say more? Contact us today to find out more about playing golf at Fynn Valley, we have options for all ages and abilities, suitable for young, old and in between, with options from half an hour to all day. Call 01473 785267 or email us: .

Thank you to England Golf’s Get Into Golf for this information

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Dine Out, Shop, Golf & More….

Whether your interests lie in golfing, shopping, eating or partying – or a combination of them all! – Fynn Valley have something for you this December. Read on….

Boxing Day Lunch

All are welcome to join us for a delicious traditional lunch, all home-cooked on the premises from the freshest ingredients, utilising local suppliers where possible. A real treat… and no washing up!

To start the lunch …

Chicken Noodle Soup complemented with warm crusty bread and lots of flaked parmesan

Game Terrine. Cold pressed terrine wrapped in smoky bacon, filled wild boar, duck & venison, with toasted slices and a cherry tomato & pea shoot salad

Wild Mushroom Bruschetta, oven roasted with garlic, rosemary and salted butter, on a toasted tomato focaccia croute with a peppery rocket, pine nut & balsamic salad

Smoked Salmon & Beetroot Roulade, filled with a cream cheese prawn & herb mousse with a cured beetroot salad

The main event …

Roasted Sirloin of Beef cooked until pink and well rested, served with roasted parsnips, goose fat roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and rich pan roast gravy

Black Treacle Cured Ham slow roasted in black treacle and served with pineapple, parsnips and Savoy cabbage and crispy roast potatoes

Sticky Sesame Seed Skinned Salmon on wilted pak choi, baby corn & bean sprouts entwined with Chinese egg noodles

Butternut Squash, Spinach & Stilton Risotto bursting with flavour & colour in a tasty creamy sauce, with toasted garlic ciabatta

Something sweet …

Pear & Apple Tart-Tatin served warm with a salted caramel sauce, raspberries and a honey mascarpone

White Chocolate & Marshmallow Bread & Butter Pudding gently baked until golden with lashings of creamy custard

After Eight Mint Chocolate Panna Cotta finished with milk chocolate dipped shortbread and strawberries

Lemon & Passion Fruit Sorbet simply served in a tuille biscuit cup

Freshly Brewed Tea & Coffee with baby mince pies – £3.50

Adults: £29.95

Children’s half portions: £16.95

Children’s menu: £11.95

Please call 01473 785202 to book or email

New Year’s Eve 2015

A sumptuous four course a la Carte Gala Dinner, followed by dancing to our resident DJ, Sponge Disco.

To start…

Watercress & Celeriac Soup with a swirl of Pesto cream and topped in a toasted goat’s cheese croute

Oak Smoked Scottish Salmon built up with king prawns and cucumber, with a horseradish cream and zesty lime dressing

Chicken & Chorizo Bruschetta, pan fried with smoked paprika oil with feta and olives, served on a rustic sour dough slice and peppery rocket

Mini Baked Camembert. Softly melted cheese with sea salt and herb bread sticks and juicy autumn fruit chutney

To Cleanse…

Light Lemon Sorbet

The Main Event….

Pan Roasted Gressingham Duck Breast rested on baby beetroot, wild mushrooms, butter wilted spinach and roasted potato cubes with a maple syrup vinaigrette

Dingley Dell Pork Belly. Slow roasted pork with crisp crackling in a juniper berry, coriander and thyme jus on shredded savoy cabbage with roasted cubed potatoes and rich apple puree

Crispy Skinned Salmon Fillet aloft quick fried noodles, julienne vegetables and bean sprouts, tossed in a soy sweet chilli and ginger sauce with roasted lemon

Something Sweet…

Dark Chocolate Roulade filled with red berries and sherry vanilla cream, melting clotted cream ice cream and a marbled chocolate shard

Sticky Toffee Pecan Pie steeped in a warm butterscotch sauce with salted caramel ice cream and sprig of mint

Chocolate Orange Baked Alaska. Orange drizzle cake and triple chocolate ice cream encased in baked marshmallow meringue

Roasted Autumn Fruit Crêpe. Peaches, pears, plums and blackberries roasted in a mango brandy simply served in a French crepe with lightly whipped vanilla cream and mango sorbet

Add a cheese board to the table £29.95

Arrive 7.00 for 7.30pm. Carriages 1.30am.

£59.95 per person. Over 18s only.

Please call 01473 785202 to book or email us

Nine Hole Green Fees

Short on time? Great value at only £16 for nine holes all week, why not slot a quick nine into your schedule? (Subject to availability and after 1pm only at weekends)

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers make great Christmas gifts for those hard-to-buy-for friends and relatives! May be redeemed for golf (range, nine hole & main course)or equipment, amount of your choosing.

Mail order welcome, call 01473 785463. Lesson vouchers available too from our Professional.

Golfing Gifts for Christmas

Our two golf shops stock something to suit all budgets, from junior to adult. If we do not have what you want we can order it as we are part of the Foremost group. Very competitive prices and you are supporting a local business. From stocking fillers to a new set of clubs, look no further!


Fynn Valley are delighted to offer FootGolf all week after midday on our Nine Hole Course.

No experience required, a great fun alternative to traditional golf.

Click here to find out more and to book.

Here is a quick reminder of everything Fynn Valley has to offer:


Nine hole Pitch & Putt course

18 hole parkland course

Covered floodlit golf range

Practise greens and bunker

Two golf shops

Golf tuition for all ages & abilities

Courtyard Bar with outside seating

The Valley Room for functions and weddings

Courtyard Conference Suite

Foot golf


Three five star luxury holiday lodges

A lot of this news has previously been on the Club’s Facebook page. Please head over there and “Like” us to keep up to date as it happens! Or follow us on Twitter: @fynnvalley


The team and I are here to answer any questions you may have. Please email either myself or Jan, call us on 01473 785267 option 0, or pop in and speak to a member of staff.

We look forward to welcoming you to Fynn Valley over the festive period.


Jenny Holmes

Company Secretary

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Christmas Celebrations at Fynn Valley Golf Club

Christmas Parties at Fynn Valley

Christmas Parties at Fynn Valley

The place for classic Christmas Party Nights, Christmas Lunches and Christmas Dinners.

All the food at Fynn Valley is prepared in house by our team of chefs, accompanied by friendly service and crisp white linen.

Party Nights, priced from only £29.50 per person, include a three course meal and dancing until the early hours to our resident DJ. Whether you are booking for a club, business, family or group of friends, we would welcome your party to our party!

Christmas lunches for groups, families, friends…. all are welcome. Enquire today, prices from £19.95 per person.

New Year’s Eve & Boxing Day celebrations….

Ample free secure off road parking only two miles north of Ipswich.

See more details, menus etc here:  Christmas at Fynn Valley

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Summer offers and news from Fynn Valley


Summer at Fynn Valley Golf Club


Summer would seem to be finally here and some great weather predicted! Make the most of it and come and play golf!

Please read on for the latest offers and news from Fynn Valley, the friendly club where all are welcome.


Summer Evening Specials

The perfect after work wind down….
Nine holes & a meal: £17.50
Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm
Choose from:
Ham, Egg & Chips, Sausage, Egg & Chips or Chef’s Dish of the Day
No booking required.


Families at Four!

Make Saturdays Special!
Play 9 holes together, followed by burger & chips in the Courtyard Bar

Pitch & Putt (Par Three) 9 Holes & Meal:
Adults £12.50 (Members £7.50) Children £7.50

Main Course or Cowslip Course 9 Holes & Meal:
Adults £20.00 (Members £7.50) Children £10.00

Available every Saturday from 4pm


Wimbledon Specials

Wimbledon starts on Monday and in celebration of this truly British sporting event, we will have appropriately themed great value specials available in the Courtyard Bar. Why not enjoy a glass of Pimm’s whilst watching all the action on our big t.v.?


Manic Meal Deal Monday

Book online through our partners Tee Off Times and pay only £20 for 18 holes and a meal on a Monday!


Weddings at Fynn Valley

Looking for a venue for your perfect day?
Look no further!

Join Fynn Valley

Playing quite a bit of golf now that summer is here? Full membership of Fynn Valley is both cost effective and offers lots of great added benefits.

Time or budget restraints but would like to be a member of the club? Lifestyle Membership is the option for you.


Foot Golf

It’s the craze everyone’s talking about and is now available on
Fynn Valley Golf Club’s Nine Hole Course

Adult : £6
Child (u16) : £4
Family of four (2 adults, 2 children) : £15
Family of five (2 adults, 3 children) : £17

Available Sundays from 4.00-5.00pm & Mondays 5.00-6.00pm
£5.00 deposit required on the football
No football boots. Shirts to be worn at all times
Please collect ball and pay at the Golf Range. Own balls welcome!


Team Building & Group Activities

Want a works do with a difference? A get together with friends? An activity event for your club or youth group?

Fynn Valley can offer golf, croquet, foot golf, archery golf…. At a time to suit you; days, evenings and weekends.

If required you can add food for your group, from a barbecue to a bar snack to an a la carte meal. Drinks packages available too… jugs of Pimms, cafetieres of coffee etc.

Every package tailored to your budget and requirements. More on our website here or email us for details.


Fynn Valley Junior Open

On Friday 21st August 2015

Entries are now open for this event, sponsored by
Framlingham College & Brandeston Hall


The Fynn Valley Junior Academy

Run by our Director of Golf, Ryan Parfett, the Fynn Valley Junior Academy is a structured programme for children to learn to play golf in a fun and friendly group environment.

Please get in touch to be added to future courses –


We have a designated Special Offers page on our website. Why not bookmark it?

A lot of this news has previously been on the Club’s Facebook page. Please head over there and “like” us to keep up to date.

The team and I are here to answer any questions you may have. Please email me, call us on 01473 785267 option 0, or pop in and speak to a member of staff.


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